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New startups and innovations

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We build next
generation logistics

We found forward-looking digital companies with industry champions from transport and logistics.

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What we do

Our fuel
is digital

We are drivers of innovation. Our digital ventures are transforming the backbone of transport & logistics. A market with billions in potential. The annual volume of the EU logistics market: €1,120 billion.


With digital know-how and our proven innovation methodology, we accompany founders and industry champions in turning ideas into successful companies.


We offer capital for a proof of concept and offer the option of further capital for successfully validated ideas. In doing so, we draw on a network of investors and also invest ourselves.


We bring together founders, industry expertise and capital. As a company builder of the Schmitz Cargobull Group, we have more than 125 years of experience in innovation and access to the network of a global market leader.

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Our offer

We put ideas on the road to success

With this proven process, we develop user-centric solutions and new business models for and with the transport and logistics industry.

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Discover problem areas

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We shed light on different areas of logistics, identify problems and evaluate their potential.


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We talk to those who are affected by the problem. Only real problems and real users lead to solutions with real added value.


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In an ideation workshop we design solutions together and create a first prototype.


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We create a business case, test the solution together with our partners and validate the concept on the market.


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The venture is provided with capital and supported in building structures and a team.

Our success stories

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Next Logistics

More space for ideas

You want to make a difference in a logistics-related field? So do we. Meet us and other like-minded problem solvers, together we think radically new, develop a prototype in 7 hours and create space for exchange and new perspectives.

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business people in a creative workshop

Become part of our team and shape the future of logistics.

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Food for thought

Here our team shares its thoughts. To think along and think further.

The fast track to new product and business ideas

In the course of the daily work routine, there is often a lack of time and inspiration to develop smart solutions for smaller problems. In fact, it is not that difficult to take a few minutes in between and generate creative solutions. An easy-to-implement framework can help, and many readers will already be familiar with it.

Artur Weber
Head of Product

The most important questions for evaluating new business ideas

Innovation processes, or specifically the venture development process as we call it at KUBIKx, are very similar in most corporate company builders. Nevertheless, they can differ from each other in nuances. The crucial question is always: Can innovation be planned? 3M is known for giving employees a lot of freedom for new ideas. In this way, the company creates space for innovation. All employees are free to use 15 percent of their working time for their own innovation projects - regardless of their job or department. This concept gave rise to products such as masking tape, gaffer tape or Post-it. In other words, through a kind of planned creativity. We also follow a structure with our team, the venture development process, which gives room for the development of new ideas.

Ken Jochmann
Product Innovation Manager

2022: The 5 top trends in transport & logistics

In order to identify trends and new business ideas at an early stage, we continuously keep an eye on the transport and logistics (T&L) market and the development of new technologies. On the occasion of the turn of the year, we asked ourselves which trends and developments will drive the transport and logistics industry in 2022. The following article is a summary of market forecasts and digital trends that we believe will play a significant role in T&L in 2022.

Andrej Kasper
Head of Business Development